I am a Principal Software Engineer in the Azure Active Directory group at Microsoft. This is my personal blog where I voice my opinions. (Hint: It is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way.)

Since my joining Microsoft in early 2000s, I have worked extensively in building online services, with an emphasis on security, identity and service resilience, although I believe that I am more of a generalist and like to work across multiple domains and technologies to solve a problem.

Since 2013, I worked in the design and implementation of Identity Experience Framework (IEF), which is first-of-its-kind cloud identity platform. With IEF you can declaratively build a security token service that gives you full control over the user experience.

On this blog, you will find posts around security, identity and running cloud services.  My hope is that if you are an application developer, you will find most posts valuable. You will also find posts related to specific languages and platforms, such as C#/.NET, but you should be able to avoid them if you don’t work on those platforms by using tags.